Pre / Post Surgical Rehab

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Pre / Post Surgical Rehab

At PHYSIO MOVE, we understand the impact that spine-related pain can have on your daily life. Whether you're experiencing stiffness, limited mobility, or radiating pain, our team of experts is here to help you get back to the activities you love.

Our team of experts specializes in evaluating and treating movement dysfunctions in individuals who have undergone surgical procedures such as

Total hip


Shoulder replacements

Neck fusions

Rotator cuff repairs


Our goal is to help patients recover joint motion, strength, and function, while also providing pain relief and teaching independent care.

We work closely with referring physicians to ensure optimal communication and follow post-surgical protocols to promote healing.

We understand that recovery times can vary and tailor treatment plans accordingly. Some patients may require only one or two visits, while others may need extended care over several weeks.

We offer direct access to our services, meaning no referral is needed and patients can choose their physical therapist. Our services include:

Rigorous biomechanical evaluation

Comprehensive patient education

Skillful muscle-relaxation techniques

Expert joint mobilization to counter stiffness

Targeted range of motion exercises

Modalities to alleviate discomfort

Empowering strength training

Precise stretches targeting tight muscles

Holistic functional re-education

We treat a variety of conditions, and our patient forms and FAQs are available on our website. We encourage patients to read our reviews and make an appointment today to start feeling better tomorrow.

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