Physical Therapy for Neck Pain Relief

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Physical Therapy for Neck Pain Relief

If you're experiencing persistent neck pain, don't suffer in silence. A physical therapist can provide you with a comprehensive evaluation to determine the cause of your pain and develop a personalized treatment plan to help you find relief.

By addressing any underlying issues and working to strengthen the affected area, your physical therapist can help you manage your symptoms and prevent future episodes of pain.

Make physical therapy your first choice
It provides pain relief:

Physical therapy is a proven effective treatment option for chronic neck pain.

Superior efficacy compared to alternatives:

A combination of active physical therapy and manual therapy can be a highly effective treatment for chronic neck pain.

It is a reversible solution:

With physical therapy, you can avoid the risk of adverse effects that come with pain medication or surgery.

It emphasizes long-term health and wellness:

The ultimate goal of physical therapy is to help you recover from your injury or condition and return to your normal daily activities.

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NOTE: Physical therapy may not be for everyone, such as those who have a history of cancer, or severe systemic or neurological conditions; those who have experienced recent/significant unexplained weight loss, have structural deformities, have experienced a recent trauma resulting in fractures, or those who have used steroids.

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