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"-Convenient and on time appointments -Pain relief and increased motion -Friendly"
Oct 03, 2018
"I am so glad I came to Jay for my therapy. He is patient but at the same time makes sure you always are on the right track to recover fully from your ailments. I would recommend Jay for the young and the young at heart to know you will recover from your ailments with Jay on your side."
Jul 28, 2018
"Jay, did a great job getting me ready to return to work with full confidence that I could handle all my tasks and perform my job at a high level."
Jun 08, 2018
"Physiomove has been great to me. They are very patient and caring with there customers. I fractured my ankle at work and they helped me stregthen my leg and get me ready to go back to work. This place is great. "
Feb 02, 2018
"Best physiotherapist in the town."
Jan 09, 2018


Dr. Jay Patel is one of the best physical therapist that my 12 year old daughter and I have been too over the past few years. My daughter is a dancer and she has injured her knees over the years. Dr. Jay Patel thoroughly explained to us why my daughter keeps injuring her knees and what she needs to do to keep this injury from happening again. Every week he thoroughly checks her progress and makes sure she is headed in the right direction of strengthening her knees and other muscles. I would highly recommend him to my family and friends!